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To my followers!

I’ve gotten a lot of new followers lately, so here’s a little intro!

I’m Kitsy, and my blog is mostly fashion and things I fan over. I’m 21 years old and born and raised in NYC. I work at a lolita and punk fashion store called Tokyo Rebel. I’m a model (yes, a real one) and I’m a cosplayer. My favorite thing to do is dress up and go wild.

This is my MAIN personal blog. I also have side blogs, which you can find under my about me.

I post/blog about things I like, which can be an odd mix. Expect alternative fashion and fandom (right now, mostly Homestuck) If you follow me for a specific thing- I balance out my posts and use tags, so I won’t drive you crazy.

I love talking to my followers and people with common taste. Don’t be afraid to ask me questions or chat up my ask box, I won’t bite hard.

Thanks for following <3

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